Domestic violence: Probation lifted, bail raised to $1 million for Galveston man accused of dousing his wife in gasoline

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 1:59

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) – A judge has lifted the probation and bail increase for a Galveston man accused of dousing his wife in gasoline, according to records.

The video above is taken from a previous report.

Gino Jett Weedman-Sosa went before District Court Judge Jared Robinson on Tuesday, who granted a motion to revoke his three-year probation for a previous conviction for abusing his wife. Court documents also show that a new $1 million bail has been set for the ongoing family violence charge.

On February 23, Robinson accepted a plea deal of three years probation after Weedman-Sosa pleaded guilty to choking on his wife, Felicity Varney, on December 29. his 5 year old son.

Weedman-Sosa reportedly violated the agreement when he messaged Varney on Facebook.

On March 18, at a hotel for Varney’s birthday, the two argued after leaving a bar together. From there, Weedman-Sosa allegedly poured gasoline over her and drenched everything he owned.

“He hit and hit me and kind of took my clothes off,” Varney told ABC13 on Monday. “I don’t remember. She poured gasoline all over my face, all the way down, and everything burned. My eyes were burning. I couldn’t open my eyes.”

Varney added that she tried to divorce Weedman-Sosa in 2022, but never received the necessary paperwork.

Now she has a warning for other women tempted to reunite with an abuser.

“Don’t go back,” he said. “Don’t go back because they won’t stop. They’ll keep going and they’ll keep doing this. If you keep feeding and letting it happen, it will never stop. You’ll end up six feet under.”

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