SA businesswoman testifies in Austin in support of less small business regulation

A local businesswoman testified in Austin in support of the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act, legislation that would limit a city’s ability to regulate small businesses.

Lisa Fullerton, who owns an Aunt Anne franchise in San Antonio, testified on Capitol Hill last week. House Bill 2127 limits the scope of business regulation to the state and federal levels.

Lawmakers behind the bill say it’s an effort to put municipalities and businesses on the same playing field.

Fullerton said in her testimony that local mandates and city ordinances in San Antonio are what prompted her to support HB 2127.

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“Government is not the only pressure (small businesses face). I have landlords, I have two franchisors, I have inflation, I have mandates, while running my business, that are outside the government’s influence,” Fullerton said.

“So when we look at government mandates coming from a variety of different directions, it often seems like they come from left field,” he added.

The bill has received support from a coalition called the Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas, which includes the National Federation of Independent Business and 18 Texas business groups across various industries.

However, those who oppose the bill say it undermines local democracy and prevents cities and counties from protecting workers and providing better working conditions. Union groups say it sets a bad precedent for the ability of cities and counties to have local control.

“It is my understanding that cities are not losing their authority, or that this bill is usurping it,” Fullerton said. “This is just to clarify that they’re doing things and recommending things that were never within their purview to begin with.”

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