Our Team

Hobert Worrell
Hi everybody. I’ve been waking up early and going out to ‘chase’ the local news since 2011. I have been working for several printed newspapers before I finally realized the potential of the internet and opened my own online news magazine. Long story short, today I’m ‘the one’ responsible what you read on Texas Today.

Judith Jackson
As a mother of two, I know how important is to keep everything in place. Well, at Texas Today, I’m the one to keep things going. I put a lot of effort to deliver the right local content as fast, reliable and truthful as possible. Stay tuned!

Mitch Havens
Mitch is leading authority at Texas Today. With his previous experience in Newsweek, People and other national publications, we aim not just local, but also national.

Jimmy Hathaway
Part-time reporter
I was born and raised in Dallas, a place I really love, but I had to move to Houston in my twenties. Journalism is in my genes as several of my close family relatives had worked and some are still working as reporters and journalists. I spend my free time with my family.



Lee Walton
Alex Norris
Marco Nicholson
Katerina Kelly
Celine Terry
Lincoln Brock