Man with history of trespassing arrested after showing up on Huffman school property with gun, police say

A Huffman man who police say trespassed on school property earlier was arrested Tuesday after appearing again, this time with an unloaded 9mm pistol in his back pocket, according to Huffman’s ISD police chief David Williams.

Williams said his department had issued a bulletin to district employees to be on the lookout for 23-year-old Christopher Hair before the man was seen on campus on the morning of March 21.

Last December, Hair was caught on school property and received a trespass notice, Williams said. He was allowed to leave with orders not to return. Employees were asked to keep an eye on him and notify the district police if anyone saw him.

“This morning, a very observant Department of Transportation employee saw an individual bypassing some buses at the north end of the hub near an elementary school campus. They recognized him as the individual put on the bulletin board,” Williams said.

The hair was seen near some school buses in the area of ​​Huffman Elementary School and Jack Spence Stadium. The employee immediately contacted her supervisor, who then contacted the district police.

The sergeant. Mark Bradshaw responded to the area and began taking Hair into custody for trespassing. Williams said Hair became belligerent, abusive and tried to assault the officer.

“He also told the officer he was going to hurt him,” the chief said.

The officer used a stun gun on Hair and completed the arrest without further incident, Williams said.

“Immediately after handcuffing him, the officer began frisking him and, in the process, found a 9-caliber pistol in his back pocket,” Williams said. Bradshaw reported that the Hi-Point pistol was not loaded.

The officer also said Hair was in possession of two US passports belonging to a couple in Liberty County. Williams said police later discovered they belonged to one of the precinct’s custodial officers and were likely taken during a stolen vehicle. Bradshaw said the alleged burglary was caught on camera in the parking lot of Huffman Elementary School.

Hair is charged with unlawful carrying of a firearm by a felon, unlawful carrying of a firearm in a prohibited location (educational institution), and burglary of a motor vehicle in connection with the incident, Williams said.

Hair had been in pledge in Harris County after being charged with felony damage and trespassing in that county. He was transferred to the Harris County Jail on Tuesday afternoon.

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