Katy’s Typhoon Texas Waterpark to unveil Typhoon Junior, a park for young children, this summer

With summer just around the corner, Katy’s Typhoon Texas Waterpark has already started selling tickets. This season the water park has big news for its youngest customers: Typhoon Junior, a special park for children under 48 inches tall, will also be open.

Before Typhoon Junior opened, only kids taller than 48 inches were allowed to use the park’s main attractions, which include massive waterslides, a Gully Washer, and a tidal pool.

Typhoon Junior features smaller versions of Typhoon Texas’ most popular attractions, said Bernard Kaplan, media relations representative for Typhoon Texas. The four-acre park sits within the main park and will offer five new play areas designed to be smaller versions of the main park’s signature features.

In addition to several waterslides, Typhoon Junior will include a splash pad and a smaller version of the Gully Washer where kids can splash and play under an 800-gallon bucket of water, Kaplan said.

Construction on the $4 million addition began last November and will finish in time for the park’s 2023 season, which kicks off April 15.

The park currently has a splash pad for infants, but toddlers and school-aged children don’t have their own place to play.

“Toddlers can now be in their own environment and still have a water park experience just like older children do,” Kaplan said. “They’ll do the same things, just on a scale that suits them.”

Access to Typhoon Junior is included with regular and season passes.

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