Brawl after Taco Bell visit sparks one of two violent car crashes on Houston streets, police say

Two men were shot in multiple car crashes Saturday morning, including one at a local Taco Bell, police said.

Houston Police found a man with a gunshot wound to the chest at about 1:24 am in an apartment complex in the 5100 block of Edloe, Lieutenant Ronnie Willkens said.

The injured man told officers he was leaving a Taco Bell, possibly in South Shepherd or West Holcombe, when he got into a fight with someone, according to Willkens. The comings and goings escalated until the suspect fired at the man’s jeep, he said.

“The bullets went through the rear passenger window of the car and through the seat,” Willkens said.

As the man drove the bullet-riddled Jeep into his apartment, he called 911 for medical attention, Willkens said. When officers arrived, they gave him first aid and took him to a hospital in critical condition for emergency surgery, he added.

The police have no suspicious information at the moment.

Shooting two hours later on West 34th

Nearly two hours later, a man was shot in the arm after a traffic dispute turned violent in northwest Houston.

The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. in an apartment complex on the 4200 block of West 34th, Willkens said.

After arguing with three suspects inside a white Chevy Impala down the street, the man began driving to his apartment. The suspects, a woman and two men, followed the man in their car to his home.

A fistfight ensued until shots erupted, hitting the man in the arm, according to Willkens. The suspects drove off in their vehicle, he added.

“Investigators are working to figure out who these people were,” Willkens said.

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