Fort Worth lights the way with lamppost repairs and upgrades

Fort Worth is making significant progress to upgrade its street lighting system to LED technology. These include the Neighborhood Streetlight LED Upgrade Program and the Alta Mere Capital Replacement Program.

Because matter: Steady progress is being made on the Neighborhood Streetlight LED Upgrade Program, which aims to convert streetlights to LED technology. Funding for the project came from the American Rescue Plan Act and includes neighborhoods such as:

  • ridmar
  • Alamo Heights
  • Glencrest
  • Carver Heights east
  • Historic south side

What’s next: The report lists the future focus of the program, including a more detailed breakdown of the neighborhoods and their anticipated design and year of construction.

Another program Highlighted in the report is the Alta Mere capital replacement program, which involves maintaining streetlights in partnership with TxDOT. Council has submitted blueprints and plans to TxDOT, which will lead the construction phase of the program.

HoweverCity staff contacted several contractors, including Acutiy and Bean Electric, to get more information on the timing of the replacement of the streetlights.

  • Defective lights must be replaced by summer 2023.
  • Acutiy is looking for a second contractor to expedite the replacement process.
  • While records show 468 lights were replaced, the official tally is still being calculated.

Lastly, staff worked to repair the Old Main Street Bridge, which experienced intermittent electrical shorts, causing breakers to trip. Transportation management engineers worked to rectify the fault and the lights were repaired.

Photo: The City of Fort Worth is committed to providing safe and reliable street lighting for all residents.

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