Candidates for Fort Worth ISD School Board Weigh in on Superintendent Ramsey’s Performance and Priorities

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) school board is in the process of selecting three new members to fill open seats that will help determine the leadership of the district’s Superintendent, Angélica Ramsey, according to Dallas Metro News.

Having been at the helm for seven months, Ramsey succeeded Kent Scribner, who served for over six years. As the only direct report to the school board members, Ramsey shared her top priorities upon appointment, including accelerating student learning, working through the district’s 2017 and 2021 bonds, and improving district finances.

In agreement with Ramsey, the board approved a three-year contract that offers an annual salary of $335,000, with the potential for an increase of up to $25,000 annually. One of the candidates for District 5, Josh Yoder, emphasizes the need to set clear goals for Ramsey and hold her accountable if she fails, while also providing her with the necessary tools to succeed. Yoder praises Ramsey’s administration cuts, but believes it is still too early to judge her performance.

Incumbent CJ Evans has high expectations for Ramsey’s leadership, including boosting third-grade literacy rates and elevating FWISD to an A-rated district. While commending Ramsey’s direct approach to tackling district issues, Evans plans to hold her accountable for achieving the goals set by the board.

District 5 candidate Kevin Lynch believes that Ramsey should report to the board, rather than the other way around. He considers Ramsey a talented leader with the experience and skills to turn around FWISD, but insists on the importance of setting achievable goals with proper strategies and tactics to achieve them.

Incumbent Quinton Phillips of District 3 believes that Ramsey was the right choice, as a Latina who mirrors the significant majority of FWISD’s student population, of which more than six out of ten students are Latinos. Phillips hopes that Ramsey will retire in FWISD in the future, as he considers the decision to pick her as a wise investment. Meanwhile, candidate Valeria Nevárez acknowledges Ramsey’s bold decisions in cutting excess jobs to address declining enrollment. However, Nevárez warns Ramsey to be cautious not to harm low-income communities and pledges to hold her accountable for decisions that benefit students.

Candidate Mar’Tayshia James has a positive view of Ramsey’s leadership, citing her attendance at schools, community meetings, and her willingness to listen to parents, students, and other residents. James sees opportunities for further growth.

School board president Tobi Jackson praised Ramsey for laying a sound foundation based on feedback from residents over several months. Jackson expects Ramsey to determine ways to enhance academic performance, allocate funds to students, and communicate better with constituents. District 2 candidate Pat Carlson hopes to form a relationship with Ramsey, seek common ground, and support her administration cuts. The school board and Ramsey have yet to finalize objectives, but new board members will likely have input in their development. The targets are set to be announced sometime this summer, according to officials.


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