Leatherface will come to your home in May in the New Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

The movie classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is finally getting the asymmetrical video game treatment and will be on your PC or console as early as May. Put down a newspaper because it will be really bloody.

Gun Interactive, the studio that launched with the popular Friday the 13th The Gameis applying to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre directed by Tobe Hooper. The game has been in development for more than a year, and according to the latest trailer, players can join a tech test on May 25th and get the full game on August 18th.

Just like the friday the 13th game, players can play as victim or slasher. The goal of the slasher is to kill the victims. The goal of the victims is basically not to die. This time, however, instead of one killer trying to hunt down a group of up to seven camp counselors, there are up to three killers on the slasher team and four victims on the other team, according to the slasher team’s website. game. Unlike Friday the 13th: The Gamehowever, the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the game will have some exposure and will not just be an open killing field of traps and escape targets. Victims of the game cross paths with the Slaughter family when a woman named Maria Flores goes missing in Muerto County. Robbie Hobbs, the creative director of Gun Interactive, wrote on the website’s community hub that Flores is a University of Texas student who traveled to the Slaughters’ hunting grounds to take pictures of some of the native flowers before to disappear. Local law enforcement doesn’t seem to be making much progress, so Maria’s sister Ana and some of her friends from her college go looking for her and end up finding the Slaughter family instead.

Killing for fun or self-defense isn’t the only goal of the game. The developers took great care and attention to detail to recreate the infamous Slaughter family home from the first film, designed and decorated by the film’s eccentric art director Robert Burns, who scavenged for animal bones in nearby streets and fields to build furniture and set of pieces for the house. So part of both teams’ strategy includes some stealthy maneuvering by hiding in shadows and dark corners, whether it’s a victim trying to escape a homicidal family member or a killer trying to tear a victim apart.

Victims may be disarmed at the start of their adventure, but are not completely helpless. Players on the victim’s side can be one of five characters, each of which has their own special abilities such as strength, endurance, and the ability to hide. Connie can pick locks, Sonny has heightened situational awareness that allows him to hear and detect noises, and Leland can stun enemies. Using each skill comes at the expense of another skill or attribute.

The same profiles apply to the five members of the Slaughter family. Sissy can create poisons to stun victims or place traps on every map. Johnny is skilled at stalking victims by identifying footprints. Leather has a chainsaw and can dismember victims to make them weaker. The latter isn’t really a skill, but it’s pretty damn useful nonetheless.

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