A sneak peek at Burger Week, 7 days of $7 burgers

Sometimes we like to have parties here at the Observer. Other times we like to declare weeks dedicated to one of our favorite food groups. Case in point: Burger Week.

We orchestrated a whole week of juicy crummy burger deals all over North Texas. The theme is toasted sandwiches and homemade ground beef, special sauces, pickles and candied bacon. All for $7 each.

Burger Week starts on Monday 20th March and ends on Sunday 26th March. You’ll use this Burger Week Passport to criss-cross the city and visit several restaurants, old and new, from classic drive-ins (Dairy Ette) to hot, fine dining spots (The Finch and Ebb and Flow).

The passport costs nothing, it just allows you to get deals and plan your trip. But by using it you will receive points for every burger you buy, which can win you prizes. Show it to restaurants so they know you want the Burger Week special.

We recently picked a spot to take a peek. The Grind Burger Bar is tucked inside a mixed residential and commercial area in Lewisville (2500 King Arthur Blvd.); there is a second location in McKinney (7500 W. Stacy Road). It’s a place we would never have found otherwise, which is another thing we like about Burger Week: trying new places.

The Short Stack Smash is their Burger Week special (pictured above). It normally costs $12.50, but with your passport, it will only be $7.

This tall burger comes with a fluffy old-fashioned bun, two dazzling patties with two slices of cheese, and a house “fantasy sauce.” While it has height, there isn’t an inordinate amount of girth here, so maybe you could eat two or not feel sick after eating just one. Being completely transparent: this was one of the best burgers I’ve had in quite some time. The layers of cheese oozed along with the meat, and there was this sauce on everything. With the crisp LTO mixed in, it was stellar.

The Grind Burger Bar has big sporty energy on one side and a more relaxed, partially open-air lounge on the other. It would be a great place to grab a burger (or two) and a beer and watch a game.

Also, don’t sleep on Hamilton’s candied bacon burger. This is the restaurant at the bottom of the Lorenzo Hotel, south of downtown (1011 S. Akard), that we recently added to our list of nicest places to dine in Dallas.

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