Why the LCRA Power Plant under construction in Caldwell County is not like other plants

MAXWELL, Texas (KXAN) — On Friday, the Lower Colorado River Authority announced the construction of a peak power plant in Caldwell County that will be operational by 2025.

According to a statement from the LCRA, the plant will run on natural gas and will be used only when energy needs exceed what renewable sources could provide.

The site covers more than 51 acres in Maxwell, near Church Street and Highway 142, and will be capable of producing 190 megawatts, enough to power 38,000 homes.

“The new plant reinforces our commitment to providing power to Texans. Thousands of people move into our state every week, and I am proud that LCRA is continuing to develop new sources of energy to help support our state’s dynamic growth,” said LCRA Chief Executive Officer Phil Wilson.

Currently, large power poles and signs mark the lot as belonging to the LCRA.

Siblings Domingo Salinas and Janie Cruz live near the construction site in homes they built from scratch in the 1980s.

Both said they only learned of the upcoming plant after they noticed their neighbor was moving.

That neighbor, Salinas said, sold his property to the LCRA where he is now building his new plant.

Now the brothers, who live on their property with several other family members, said they are concerned that developers might try to buy their land as development in Maxwell continues.

“We have no intention of leaving, but we don’t know what will actually happen,” said Cruz.

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