Hays County considers a proposal to share the cost of roads and infrastructure with developers

HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Hays County commissioners are looking at ways to share the cost of growth with developers coming to the area.

They are considering a resolution that would require developers to step in for necessary road and infrastructure upgrades.

As it stands, the commissioners have said they do not have the authority to request it.

Dripping Springs resident Carrie Napiorkowski said she has safety concerns on several streets in the area.

“I would say these streets are crumbling,” Napiorkowski said. ‚ÄúThese shallow water passages are very narrow. They have no backs. They have no center lanes and are winding and winding.

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There’s a proposed 5,000-seat concert hall coming to the area, which raises his concerns even more.

“It was not developed as a county road for anything more than casual traffic,” Napiorkowski said.

On March 14, Hays County Commissioner Walt Smith proposed a resolution that would give the county the ability to share costs with developers for needed updates in the area that result from the new development.

Commissioner Smith said the developer would put together a traffic impact analysis, the county would look into it, and ultimately tell the developer how much it would cost on all pending county infrastructure in the area.

“Fees would vary from project to project and would be determined by analyzing traffic impact analysis for each project and determining the burden the project would place on the county’s existing infrastructure,” Smith said.

Napiorkowski said he sees the benefits but fears he will focus only on roads and traffic.

“He has to fully understand the impact he’s having on the whole community,” said Napiorkowski. “So I think the developer should do a full feasibility study to make sure he’s safe.”

KXAN reached out to a developer in Hays County who said they are generally supportive of these public-private partnerships when it comes to infrastructure.

The developer said they are using them in other areas and are interested in learning more about Hays County’s goals with this proposal.

The Commissioners will discuss the proposal again at their next meeting.

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